Glam Spam Thank You M’am

Camera crew, shooters, corn in a cup. Sometimes you have to scream to discover a whisper, as Heath Leger said. Nobody from Bodega team got gainfully employed yet, but we were asked if we had worked on anything interesting and we said yes. Watching the trains and football in Iraq.

On top of everything, we got badly spammed by  shabby network called Vip ocean, those mothers can get hold of one’s gmail and voila – all our friends got five glamorous and sexy invites per day from supposedly us enticing them to join. The reputation the bodega crew is on the line…Harsh feelings, bad reviews and the bitterness of disappointing friends – abuse of their trust. We spent half of the warm like  milk day in  apologizing for oceanic intervention. Some kind soul told us, ” keep you spammy cutties to yourself “, other suggested  calling them mothers and threatening to make a public case of them.  The slimy vips are in France. So we will have to pay for intergalactic to hear their meek voices, but we will. We are fortunate enough to have befriended a group of killer lawyers… so we still might be the last ones laughing.  Alas, Google suspended our bodega gmail for sending mass emails and we couldn’t do anything for 24 hours.

However, it wasn’t that bad since we got reconnected with friends we haven’t spoken to in ages. Spam brings us closer.


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