Your story

We read James Cameron story-telling advises. I got inspired and felt I knew exactly how to make my script better – by making it more  universal, by talking about things everyone can relate to. Perhaps, it’s the best way, but I find my self not interested in the most important aspects of human nature. I am attracted to the decadent fallen romanticism of the realm of the surreal. I want to explore absurd longitudes no one has gone to. It means i have to tell my story as a true Bodega companion as non-universal as it might be. And my heart aches for characters who are different, who are not to be understood. If your house was burning would you film the flames or the face of a girl next door..?!


4 Responses to “Your story”

  1. Alex Says:

    I think that the surreal has a place in writing too. We love characters who are over-the-top as much as ones like us (sometimes MORE). And a story will never be authentic if you don’t believe in it. Have you read The Babysitter by Robert Coover? It’s surreal and uncomfortable. But also accessible.

  2. urbandreck Says:

    Thank you, you made my day!!!! after couple more hours of agonizing decision- making ( very dramatic, right?), I finally arrived at the conclusion for the formal system of the film I am writing. I looked in both Jackson & McNally and Housing Works bookstores, but nobody even heard of this book. I am very intrigued. I will try amazon… thank you, Alex :)))))))

  3. Alex Says:

    Oh it’s a short story (sorry that i wasnt clear) — i think that there is a version copied online i
    (i’m pretty sure it’s accurate)

    I’m glad that I made your day 🙂 YAY!!

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