Notes on Writing: This script is a product of a happy heart

We tend to agonize over script pages in current Bodega production. Bodega is not an easy place to be, but we are happy to be here at all. Writing doesn’t come easy, nor is it a pleasure to do, but it is what most of the bodega teamsters want. We want to make films from our stories. And then come painting, sculpture and cooking.

So today we have a sweet piece of info to share.

In the past I complained about the fact that my characters tend to fluctuate in their mood and disposition because I often jump to writing without re-reading. It creates all sorts of complications… But if I re-read I start editing and I forget what I wanted to add to the story, even if I make notes elsewhere.  There is more to it, but long story short – this results in constant modifications to the story and even plot depending on how  I feel any given day. It’s pretty flaky, isn’t it?  It is what it is. It is what I shared with Mr. Sunshine-Dreamboy, the president of Bodega Veterans. Mr. Sunshine-Dreamboy suggested something very important! ‘Make notes of your state of mind’, he said. But of course! Duh! ( he is a president for a reason!) On top of making notes about the characters and plot twists and whatnot it is very important to remember where you were ( mentally  and virtually) when you made that note. It is important because script in a way is a condensation of emotional states. The journey is a constant emotional trip.  (Did I just say, the journey is a trip?…I am going to keep it because it’s fun). While writing I don’t sustain  a feeling  but go through a system of different ones. My visceral landscape changes, only sensibility remains the same. Therefore, when I sit down to fight a blank page again and go through the notes I prepared for the session, it helps me greatly to decide where my notes fit by looking at what I was feeling when I made the note. I am not awfully moody or anything, but I do out-live a lot of things in one day…So to deliver consistent characters I put myself in the state of mind the script was conceived in.


2 Responses to “Notes on Writing: This script is a product of a happy heart”

  1. doreen mcgettigan Says:

    That was good..and makes a lot of sense.

    • urbandreck Says:

      Doreen! Thank you for your comment and welcome to urban dreck. The stage of script writing described about is the most difficult i find. Once I find the plot and the characters my process grows exponentially fast and smooth… 🙂

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