Creative Process is a Beast

Our team often wonders about the mechanics of writing or creativity (of any kind). The first stages are very difficult and  sometimes are pure struggle, but once I combat those devilish problems in my work, it becomes a universe of pure joy.

I noticed that every time I  work on something worthwhile and go throw a serious challenge (that at first I can’t even call a challenge because I am unable to even define its parameters  )  I arrive at the place of  an unprecedented clarity. I run with flying colors and I feel I’ve learned a deepest mystery the process of creation has to offer. At that point I am sure of my next work, because I feel I know the technique or certain je ne sais quoi… And then ..bang…..comes a new work – new script, painting, sculpture or a story and I go throw another turmoil again…I would have thought, I’ve attained enough to not get so worked up about those doubts and uncertainty (c’mon  Bodega, it’s a part of the process)… At least remember when the first step of creation is done properly, I will peak again and my creativity will be refreshingly satisfied (!)…but I don’t remember. Every time it’s a big surprise…

After I completed the quest of discovering the work ( the characters, the plot, the formal system, the colors, the shape the subject, the message, the aftertaste, the presentation), and  make it come real to my mind’s eye, (after this is done I usually feel something like I have been laying on a city’s central square and beaten by passersby) , I then acquire this immense energy that could move mountains. This is when the real work truly starts… I call it “when you get rid of all the blanks”… when I’ve painted ( both literary and physically ) over those parts of my work that distract me. Now I can see the script ( piece , work of art) as a whole. I can see the path. This is when I become addicted. My brain pumps dopamine and adrenaline and  I know that I am not going out alone.

The first draft of my new script about ten hours to being complete. In Bodega productions we are getting ready to celebrate and lighting up. Like on a spiral, we have come up high, high, high – and we know that once ( after two more drafts probably ) this script is over, we will descend this beast of a spiral and start climbing it up again.


2 Responses to “Creative Process is a Beast”

  1. Doreen McGettigan Says:

    Awesome post..very inspiring!

  2. urbandreck Says:

    Thank you Doreen!!!!! Come back to read more of us 🙂

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